Predict Coronavirus

Mobile Phones and Smartwatches can Predict Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is spreading like anything while there is still no conclusive research on it. The transmission of this virus has been a question from the beginning of the pandemic. As it seems like the only way to prevent coronavirus is to “avoid” it. The new study assumes mobile phones and smartwatches can predict coronavirus in a person using his basic data.

Duke University is trying to investigate this virus which is now global. The identification of its spread program “CovIdentify” has more than 4000 international members, all working to predict the virus’s progression.

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This study highlights the role of common electronic devices like mobile phones and smartwatches to identify coronavirus in a user. By saying that these electronic devices are helpful min identifying means to know if the user of these devices has coronavirus.

Dr. Jessilyn Dunn, a researcher, and teacher from Duke University says that these devices can predict accurate data. Whenever a person gets into a healthcare facility, he knows some basic symptoms and information which is also achievable form his devices.

Instead of relying on self-reported cases, it is high time to find a more advanced system to predict coronavirus in a person. Testing everyone independently takes so much time, effort, and resources. Sometimes it reduces the chances of diagnosis for a person who is actually in need of a diagnosis. In the worst case, these vulnerable people can lose their lives while other people receive a negative coronavirus report.

Testing the entire population is only a preference when there is control over this virus. But testing people randomly which may or may not have coronavirus and leaving other, highly susceptible people without testing is not a wise thing. In this regard, a little help from technology seems like a new hope.

This study has initially used online participants only. These participants answered questions that were a part of the CovIdentify study. But now, the research team has developed the CovIdentify phone app which all enrolled people can download and use.

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This study aims to find whether or not the phone and smartphone data can predict coronavirus or not. Even if it does, how much severe can it go for the individual user? All that it takes is to answer two questions every day for at least 12 months.

The researchers request everyone to open up and play a role in learning how to improve coronavirus testing and diagnosis. This is the only way to save people from extreme stages of coronavirus.

Anyone can sign up and be a part of this project. All that takes is to download the app on any electronic device i.e. phone, laptop, etc. The app asks two questions every day which needs accurate answers. Based on responses, the research team will soon come up with interesting results that could help to predict coronavirus in people.