Coronavirus has Killed 722 People So far Including First Non-Chinese Case

Earlier this weekend, Hong Kong has imposed a two-week quarantine for all people who are coming from China, under the threat of punishment. The deaths from Chinese coronavirus has increased up to 722 cases reported on Saturday. This number includes the first foreign case as well. Hong Kong has made the quarantine mandatory to control the epidemic spread which has alerted the whole world.

The 86 deaths a day in China by coronavirus is the highest one-day death toll so far which is close to the SARS epidemic of 2002-2003 which took 774 lives. One of these cases was a 60- year old American who died with coronavirus on Thursday in Wuhan, China, US embassy didn’t share more details on this case.

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Another case was a Japanese man in his 60’s who died in Wuhan, China, as reported by the Japanese Foreign Minister office. However, they said it is not confirmed if he died of coronavirus or not. The deaths outside China included a Chinese citizen in the Philippines and a man in Hong Kong.

The virus has affected more than 35,000 people which is emerged from a seafood market from China. This epidemic made the Chinese government lockdown the major cities to prevent its spread.

China is following a strict approach and taking drastic measures to control the viral spread. Coronavirus has created panic all around the world where it has been reported in 30 countries.

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Hong Kong is following a two-week quarantine for all people that are coming from China to Hong Kong. During this time, these people would be living in quarantined residences in homes or hotels and followed with daily spot checks. This new coronavirus has revived the horrors of the SARS outbreak of 2002-2003 which took 299 lives.

People here are under a sheer panic and supermarkets are almost out of all staple goods that people have bought and stocked at their houses for any potential emergency. The city officials are hopeful that their control measures would slow down the casualties related to the virus.

Many other countries of the world are making their prevention and control strategies and using them against all people coming from China. Some of these countries have banned the entry of Chinese travelers to their airports and even suspended airlines for an undecided time.

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Researchers are putting all their efforts to find medicine and vaccine against coronavirus. US state health department is currently collaborating with a leading pharmaceutical company “Regeneron” to develop something against coronavirus. This company has previously helped with Ebola and Zika virus control as well.

Two weeks ago, the information circulating online said that Chinese doctors are treating coronavirus patients with anti-HIV drugs in Beijing. This novel treatment was based on a research study from 2004 which was published right after the SARS epidemic broke the world. CDC has shared recommendations for the public to control the coronavirus spread at a personal level.


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